THE AIMS OF SENSITIVITY_TESTING. Updated April 1998 Buts.html

It is an everyday problem in the Department of Clinical Microbiology to choose and recommend the best antibiotic or combination of antibiotics to the clinician in order to treat the patientís infection. This is an aim of clinical microbiology.

This decision rests not only on the results of sensitivity testing of the isolate(s) but also, and often more so, on speciation.DSKM.html (L 18)

Information about the category of specimen and the presumptive species diagnosis is often sufficient for rational antibiotic therapy of the critically ill patient.


One acts in spite of doubt, and returns in order to improve treatment.

At the same time the clinician and the clinical microbiologist decide:

  1. Whether antibiotic treatment is sufficient or surgery is needed at the same time,
  2. or that therapy is not indicated.

The Report has the aim to communicate whether the isolate has or has not a resistance mechanism, R or S.D1.A.html . F.species.html .


Electronic Data Processing has made the complex pattern of species and sensitivity pattern a useful variable in hospital epidemiology. This is also an aim of sensitivity testing.(L 1)).

With 24 biochemical reactions one can characterize at least 200 species or biotypes, and with 12 antibiotics at least 28 resistance types, resulting in a fractal with the dimension, D > log 200/log 24 + log (28 - 1)/log 12 = 3.90 (3.41-4.35).(L 22)Surveillance.html



The web then, or the pattern; a web once sensuous and logical, an elegant and pregnant texture; that is style.

Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894.